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Why the world (especially the United States) is in desperate need of proper science education.

A recent article from the Institute for Creation Research claims that recent studies in mutations contradict Evolution. The amount of ignorance in this article is astounding. I cannot begin to understand how anyone with half a brain could buy this propaganda, quote-mining and bullshit. After reading this article just take a look at the "evidence for creation" sections. There are articles that ultimately claim that the fact that we exist is evidence for creation. They even bypass the "it's to complex to not be designed" argument and go strait to the idea that the stars, animals and humans themselves are evidence for a creator just because they exist. These kinds people are educating (if you can even call it education) millions of children all over the world in private schools, church services, Sunday schools, summer camps and many other venues. Something must be done. And taking a look at this type of ridiculous stupidity is something that should drive us all even more to work towards getting a proper education to our world's children. In fact, teaching children this type of false garbage should be considered a form of abuse. It is the wasteful abuse of perfectly good minds that are scandalously hoodwinked into believing superstitious atrocities through fear-mongering, authority and blind faith.

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