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When nothing created everything (sort of)

A little satirical creation story for children with materialist parents just went up at the site, called "When Nothing Created Everything".

It was written by the editor of that site, Joe Carter, who has also written things about Richard Dawkins and the "New Atheists" in the past. The story is very cute, but shows some of the common misunderstandings about evolution. I have posted there to put in a bit of understanding that Chance, even with as much help from Time as possible, will not get anywhere without the help of Selection. This seems to me to be the one single biggest mental jump (though it may seem small to us) that people must make to see the magnificent complexity originating power of evolution.

I invite all those here to come on over and post improvements to Joe's story that help straighten out the errors, but in as nice a way as you can because, after all, it is a children's story, and they are expecting us at the party:

John says: Interesting prepare yourself for the deluge of vitriol that is sure to follow. Atheists - especially the Dawkins/Hitchens mob - have proven themselves to be a hatefilled breed. Jerry Falwell had nothing on this lot when it came to spewing venomous bile of people they disagreed with...



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