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Tired of religion in the music industry

Take That are probably the biggest boy band at the moment. They recently re-formed and have a huge following, but what people may not realise is their overtly religious messages within their latest songs.

For example in Kidz: "The monkeys learnt to build machines, they think they'll get to heaven through the universe" and "They say nothing, Deny everything, And make counter accusations, My friends, my dear, my love, my God" and "The daggers of science, Evolving into violence".

And The Flood: "We will meet you where the lights are, The defenders, of the faith we are" and "Here we come now on a dark star, seeing demons, not what we are."

There is a typical cycle within the music and entertainment industry: pop demagogues become superstars, demagogues turn to drugs, demagogues go into rehab, demogogues are born again.

And so entertainment becomes poisoned by religion, and we're forced to listen to religious messages, whether subliminal or full on in your face.

Is anyone else tired of this religious fanaticism in the entertainment industry?



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