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Isaac Asimov on Truth and Science

On page 145 of "The Left Hand of the Electron" Isacc Asimov wrote the following:

".....we must not confuse 'useful' and 'true'. Even if an axiomatic system is so bizarre as to be useful in no conceivable practical sense, we can nevertheless say nothing about its 'truth'. If it is self-consistent, that is all we have a right to demand of any system of thought. 'Truth' and 'reality' are theological words, not scientific ones."

As a non-scientist, I'm left wondering what this means. What is Asimov saying when he writes that we can say nothing about the truth of an axiomatic system that is self-consistent. I was under the impression from reading Richard's books, and many of the posts in this forum, that science IS a pursuit of truth. Now I read something written by a respected scientist to the effect that science has no relation to truth at all.

Please help clear up my confusion.




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