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The Sign of Abuse

Across the world, children are being shown torture. Even the youngest minds are being terrified. This isn't something going in the shadows, it is open and it is explicit. The implements of pain are described in detail, the path of suffering clear for all to follow. The injuries are revealed, the trickling of blood from wound after wound after wound, the pain and exhaustion of the victim.

But that is only the start. This isn't just some sick promotion of sadism. The torture, the suffering, the wounds, and the eventual, eventual lingering death are said to be good, said to be virtuous. They are part of a great love. This, we are told, is what is good for us.

This has to stop, this selling of nightmarish snuff S/M to children. We need a great campaign, to open minds to what is happening across the world, every day. A campaign that makes people see past tradition, past culture, that makes people realise the horror in the ritual.

We know this child abuse, this celebration of torture, when we see its sign:

*In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost.




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