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Religion or God?

While reading about the Hitchens-Blair debate one of those random ideas came to me.

In demanding respect for religion, all religions, have not the theists surrendered the theistic high ground of their individual religions? When the Christian demands equal respect for Hinduism is he not admitting that the Hindu god(s) are as worthy of respect as Jehovah?

I suggest that what is important to the religionists is not whatever god they happen to claim as their own, but religion itself, in virtually any form. They demand that (almost) any religion be granted a special respect not granted to anything not religious. Be it Christian, Muslim, Shinto, Jewish, Pele, probably even Jedi by now, religion MUST be respected above all else.

Perhaps they are scared that if any religion is accorded less than total respect all religions will be seen in the same light.

So tell me, are the religions more important than the gods they are supposed to worship?



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