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Implicit associations with religion

Have you ever taken the IAT test online?

The IATT, found here, is a test of your implied associations with different subjects, or in more common terms, your subconscious feelings towards those subjects. It finds out how you truly feel inside... at least, if the science behind it is accurate.

I've taken this test in the past, and it found that deep down I'm homophobic and racist. I'd like to attribute these to my Christian upbringing, but it's more likely due to a lack of association with gays or blacks

The reason I bring it up here is because the last test listed is a Religion test, and finds out how positive or negative your feelings are towards Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, and Islam. I myself took the test and found myself feeling pretty neutral about all of the religions except Islam, which I find extremely negative. Being an American, this isn't surprising to me.

I'd invite you to take the religion test and share your outcome here. I'd love to know how other atheists view religions on a subconscious level.


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