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The Islamic Awakening Conference

I've just been watching this Salafi conference. It's based in London, UK.

It's 2.5 hours long. I managed 1.5 hours before I turned it off, but here are some of the notes I took as I watched it.

Speaker 1

  1. Repeated calls to kill democracy.

Speaker 2 (23:50)

  1. The war on terror is a front for a war on Islam because "the west" know that Islam and democracy are incompatible and Islam is on the rise.
  2. It's a war of right vs wrong, there must be war because right (Islam) can never reconcile with wrong.
  3. The world is divided into 2 camps. Muslims and non Muslims.
  4. Lots of anecdotal stories about evil non-Muslims treating muslims badly (abductions, rape, murder)
  5. Muslims cannot play paintball without getting arrested for terrorism training and being sent to prison.
  6. It's time for Muslims to wake up and rise up in this ideological war against Islam.

Speaker 3 (53 mins)

  1. Alienates the police.
  2. The government is paying people through the police to prevent the spread of Islam.
  3. The Cameron and Obama are the equivalent of Muhammad's enemies during the 7th century.
  4. The badge of the police / symbol of the queen is the symbol of Satan.

Generally a lot of verbal abuse about how non-Muslims are liars whereas Muslims seek only the truth. I particularly enjoyed the 3rd speaker's story about how he was given food and when he asked was lied to (by the kuffar) that it was safe for Muslims to eat - whilst serving his prison sentence (3 years I think he said he spent inside.)

I'd be surprised if this video wasn't classed as incitement to hatred.



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