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Eastern religions

I come from a Hindu tradition and have studied most of eastern religions, before studying western ones. Through my higher education and, knowledge of physics in particular, I could find my way out of all religions. But I strongly feel that eastern religions, Hinduism or Buddhism in particular, due to their much deeper philosophical basics, are much more difficult to be debated against than Christianity or Islam. I take my Hindu friends down very easily by pointing out the real life atrocities, such as caste system, practiced in the name of religion. But I find myself weaponless when I have to attack the fundamental of Hinduism. For example, the god described in the fundamental Hinduism is almost as abstract as the current 'philosophy' of modern Physics (I am doing a physics PhD at Caltech). He doesn't punish people, he doesn't want to be worshiped, he doesn't send you to hell ; he is just there as a pure consciousness out of which human consciousness is born and only person-like attribute he has is, that, he "wants" you to perform your duties (Karma). How do you take issues with such a god? Don't you think it's much difficult than to speak against Christian or Islamic gods?

I have always hoped to see blows on these religions by Prof Dawkins or other celebrated leaders of reasoning, but I haven't found many. We can't ignore them as they make half the world population.

Am I right in these observations? Is it true that eastern religions indeed stand on a firmer ground of basic philosophy than the western ones? I am not very sure but it seems plausible.


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