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Incest laws

Hi everybody.

I saw today in the news that the upper house of the Swiss parliament is considering decriminalizing incestuous sexual acts between consenting adults. Here's the Telegraph on the story:

Switzerland considers repealing incest laws

A spokesman for the upper house said - quite rightly and justly in my opinion - that the often-cited eugenic reason for a law against incest is not something that a civilized society can use as a basis for a law. After all no one seriously considers punishing the drinking of alcohol during pregnancy, or sex between partners who both have a history of genetic defects in their respective family backgrounds. The abuse argument also doesn't carry us very far, since sexual abuse, coercion and rape are already illegal.

Of course you can all guess the reactions of the religious groups and most of the large political parties. I would like to know your thoughts on the topic. Are there any rational moral reasons for upholding this law against what some consider the last sexual taboo?



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