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Human Savages

I have been thinking a whole lot lately about the "targeting" issue with Sarah Palin and her ilk. Their inflammatory language and symbolism would put the "play the record backwards" messages to shame. However, my thinking takes a very strange turn here, and I'll elaborate.

Where we come from, as Homo sapiens, is an extremely violent and aggressive past. We hear Palin allude to "blood libel", kill the first born male, might is right.... the list of epithets goes on and on. It brings to mind "nature, red in tooth and claw".

I feel like very few of us are actually overcoming our evolutionary past. It seems that this propensity toward hatred and violence especially when aimed at a sufficiently weak out group persists.

Here is my twist. Those that distance themselves from this savage cave man past are more EVOLVED than those who mire themselves in the world of stoning and execution. I am wondering if we start to use the word "evolved" to describe people who are peace loving, (and yes, liberal to some extent -- but not liberals in general) would it make the "other side" want to become like us? Kind of like using the word as a positive peer pressure? Or are we simply not there yet?



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