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Books with best anti-theist/pro-science arguments?

I decided to ask this question when a friend at my school saw my copy of Pale-Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan, and started bouncing off the walls asking me to let him borrow it. Did I mention that he is a devout Christian Old-Earth Creationist? I only say that because the first several chapters of the book are arguments against religion, against humans and our planet being special, and a tad bit of promotion for evolution. My friend loves astronomy, which is why he wants to read the book, but little does he know that he will be getting a heaping helping of anti-religious and pro-science reading.

I want to know what books, movies, or other forms of media you all think have the best arguments, whether against religion, god, creationism/ID, homeopathic medicine, or any other kind of nonsense, and the best arguments for science, evolution, space exploration, or anything else I missed. And also, which are best to give to theists, and open their minds, in a package that will not drive them away (as good as The God Delusion is, it scares most theists away)?



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