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There has been intense media coverage of bullying in schools. Black eyes all around for teachers (who are ignoring the bullying), administrators (who do not act fast enough -- or at all) to allay the bullying,; black eyes for the bullies themselves. In a recent video a 13 year old is dragged around screaming in fear while 5 or 6 17 year olds laugh and hit and (key here) videotape themselves doing this vile act.

This occurred in Upper Darby Pa, and became national, if not international news. Has everyone been bullied? Has it made you stronger? Have you ever bullied?

How do we stop this? I mean, I tell my students that there is only one bully in our school.....ME. I then proceed to harass and stop anything that I perceive as bullying. Let's look at a scenario:

John walks to school everyday and there is a bus that passes him as he walks. Every day a students throws food out the bus window at John. One day John and the food thrower are in the same class and the food thrower throws a piece of paper at John.

The teacher sees the paper throwing incident and tells the thrower to stop. One second later while writing at the board, John suddenly screams profanity and charges at the kid, pummeling him. Who should be in trouble and why?

Same paper throwing incident, only the two kids are friends. (happens all the time).... What is the answer?

Share your bullying stories. Also share your solutions; I'd love to hear them and implement the ones that I think are potentially workable in my school.

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