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Turning to religion in later life

I’m worried.

My father has recently taken to attending Jehovah’s Witness meetings after apparently inviting them in for a cuppa. When I ask him why he's doing this, he offers little explanation and will engage in theological debate, often repeating the arguments of criticism against evolution and physics etc, citing there being little evidence and so on, which I know to be nonsense. I know these arguments to be the dogma of unreasonable religious thinking, which I can only conclude he has picked up from associating with these people. My father is an electronics engineer by trade who taught me about binary number systems and physics from an early age, perhaps 7 years old. He has always brought me up in a secular manner and I often heard him denouncing the nonsense of religions and how they all claim to be right.

He turns 60 this year and I have to wonder, has his fear of mortality overcome his reason? I fear that this issue will come between us as I will not accept any such indoctrination. I hear anecdotally of the same occurrence in others and one of my work colleagues is wondering the same about his own father, who similarly brought him up to question the nonsense of church goers and yet has started occasionally attending church.

On finally thinking of myself, I have to wonder fearfully whether this affliction, and I certainly see it as such, lies in wait for me as my children grow up and I approach retirement. I cannot believe it to be so, as I see only too clearly the false truths offered by organised faiths, and am further bolstered by my love of knowledge and the greater truths gained from astronomy, DNA mapping, quantum theory and other such mind-expanding disciplines. I also recognise that of course many great thinkers and everyday people alike have not succumbed to this.

Have many of you encountered this issue? How would you deal with it?



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