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How oppressed do you feel as an atheist?

I'm interested to know how other atheists have experienced difficulty or outright bigotry. My circle of friends is mostly atheist or agnostic, and in my family there are only a couple religious members, who don't bother the rest of us. I don't feel all that closely connected to an atheist movement, so slights on atheists don't affect me as deeply as, say, a sexist comment might offend a woman who feels the compounded offense to her female ancestors and all they suffered. Generally, religious nutsacks and their enablers annoy me immensely, but it's rarely gone beyond that.

I'm aware of the stunning political and legal limitations atheists face, and I've read some personal accounts. I'm very curious here to know more personal experiences, if anyone would like to mention them. I'm also curious how many atheists are in the fortunate position that I'm in, and how many have faced real hardship.



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