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BBC2 - Questioning religious history, at last?

Thanks to Jums, who also submitted the link to the iPlayer, below.

I don't watch much TV but caught a few programmes on BBC2 recently which took a relatively secular standpoint about the origins of life and various bible stories - is this a new and encouraging approach by mainstream TV?

Wonders of the Universe with Professor Brian Cox was brilliant (although it seemed to me to have been carefully worded so that believers could still see the hand of god in there somewhere).

The Bible's Buried Secrets fronted by Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou was less ambiguous, finding little or no evidence for the existence of the biblical King David. It hinted at the potential implications for followers of the Abrahamic religions if it can be proved that some of the key stories in the bible are untrue.

I mentioned in a previous post that there is no evidence for the city of Mecca having existed in the 7th century, nor a real Muhammad. Since Islam is based on the Old Testament, any cracks in its authenticity add more weight to these arguments against its truth.

I find it hard to understand why even today's more secular Christians still believe that Jesus existed when the evidence shows he didn't.

Surely as the facts and evidence percolate out into the public's awareness, religion as we know it won't be able to survive.... or am I deluded?

[For those in the UK, the first edition of The Bible's Buried Secrets can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days after transmission.]



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