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Michael Gove 'Crystal Clear' Creationism is not Science

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has confirmed that creationism will not be taught in free schools because it is "at odds with scientific fact".

The Department of Education responded to a letter of concern from the British Centre for Science Education (BCSE), which is worried by applications from Christian groups to run free schools.

It fears that schools might be exploited by groups seeking to promote a literal interpretation of the Bible at the expense of science classes.

However, the Department of Education confirmed that Mr Gove is "crystal clear that teaching creationism is at odds with scientific fact".

Free schools can be set up by charities, universities, businesses, educational groups, teachers and groups of parents. With an increased freedom of curriculum there have been concerns that scientific subjects might be neglected.

As with independent schools free school teachers will not need formal teaching qualifications.




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