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Ray Bananaman Comfort on The Atheist Experience

Thanks to rok3us and InYourFaceNewYorker, who also submitted links to this video.

(I just posted the comment below, on Atheist Experience. Last night, Ray Comfort was on the show. You must see this. I thought everyone would enjoy the awe-inspiring congnitive gymnastics of the interviewer.)

Superb. Brilliant advocacy really pinned this old fraud down (and an examination in chief rather than cross examination, leaving him hoist by his own petard).

An absolute joy to watch, really - worthy of Stephen Fry. Also looked good that you didn't both gang up on him - just one, usually, asking the questions. Well done.

The Bile scientifically true, my arse! Rayboy should hide down a hole for a while. He can have Saddam Hussein's.

Does this guy seriously think he could debate Richard Dawkins? (I'd love to see it - a modern version of throwing a Christian to the lions? This man is walking to them with his head held high.) I say bring it on!

I love you guys. My favourite bit was when you asked him what he thought of explicit biblical endorsment of slavery. Like a cartoon character who is as yet unaware that he has cycled off a cliff, he thought to himself, ah, we know that atheists always ask this, so here's my prepared answer, then you pulled the celestial rabbit out of the hat. You had double-thought a doublethinker. I think it was the best verbal trap I ever saw! Gotcha! Get in the sack.



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