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Bill Donohue speaks ...

Monday's New York Times carried a full-page ad from Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League.

In it, Donohue addresses the on-going clergy sex abuse scandal. He blames gay men (again) and a hostile media for distorting the truth and attacking the church. It’s an astonishing performance even by his usual grimly low standards.

The text of the ad, in which he goes so far as to claim the support of Richard Dawkins, is here:

Full Text of NYT Ad (via America Magazine)

The video of a CNN interview he gave defending the claims in the ad is here:

CNN Interview (via Atheist Media Blog)

While considering if you would cross the street to empty your bladder on this worthless creature were you to observe him to be on fire, European readers might want to check out these guys:

Secular Europe Campaign

This is the just launched international follow-up to the Protest the Pope campaign, where you can subscribe to the free newsletter, join the Facebook group and get involved in events that culminate in a repeat of last year's mass march (planned for 17 September in London).



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