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BBC Documentary - Does Christianity have a future?

Did anyone see this last night? (17th April) [Link will not work outside UK.]

I watched it, but wasn't impressed. There seemed to be a strong bias towards Christianity as a good thing that we don't want to lose, with constant assurances that it does, in fact, have a sure future for at least a while longer.

The atheist they spoke to was barely given any time to get his points across, and what he did say seemed to me to be just swept under the rug and ignored for the most part.

It gave off a very pro-bishops in the House of Lords vibe too, suggesting they play an important role and so on, and never really answering the point one person made about having some unelected humanists in to balance things out, or even people from other faiths.

Was not impressed overall with this... would the "neutral" BBC have shown a program giving the opposite message?



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