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Dawkins U-turns on clerical abuse

Well I guess you missed this one Richard. I thought I'd cheer things up a little. The Irish Catholic

The mind boggles and the head spins!

Note by Richard Dawkins:

There is nothing wrong with U-turns when new data become available, but this is not really a U-turn, just a change of emphasis. When I wrote in 2006 I was insufficiently aware of the extent of the cover-ups perpetrated by the church, and especially the role of Ratzinger in them. Geoffrey Robertson's book, The Case of the Pope, had not yet been written and I was not then aware of the full scale of Cardinal Ratzinger's criminal complicity.

I still think it important to make a distinction between violent rape of children and non-violent (but still very unpleasant) abuse, and I still think it is important to remember that some reports of abuse, whether by priests or anybody else, stem from false memory syndrome, sometimes fostered by unscrupulous therapists.

In the words quoted from The God Delusion, I was bending over backwards to be charitable as a preamble, before putting the boot into the appalling cruelty that had been rampant in the Christian Brothers schools for boys, and comparable cruelties by nuns towards girls. Above all I wanted to make the point that the physical abuse of child bodies should not distract our attention from the psychological abuse of their minds which is inherent in bringing them up Catholic in the first place.

I need to learn not to bend over backwards to be nice to faith-heads. Give these people an inch and they take a league. I think, as I did when I wrote The God Delusion, that the Roman Catholic Church is a disgusting institution, the second most evil religion in the world.




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