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SETI Allen array mothballed for want of £1.5 million

This is the sort of story that makes me wonder why the human race bothers carrying on. The world can't afford £1.5 million towards what could be the most amazing discovery in the history of science ??

The Allen Telescope Array ( ATA ) is largely already build, but lacks funding for operation......about £1.5 million per year. No...not billions or hundreds of millions....a mere £1.5 million. It is to be 'mothballed'....because that money is not available.

Hmm. That's like the cost of a few cruise missiles.....1/10,000 of the amount spent on cosmetics.....1/600 of the amount spent just advertising beer.....and so on.

The irony is that this comes at the very time the Keppler telescope is showing that the galaxy is teeming with planets. I can't think of a more astounding discovery than other intelligent life out there.....and for this search to be halted for want of so little money truly shows how far off the mark mankind's priorities are.



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