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Religious indoctrination of children - what should we do?

Teaching children that they will burn in hell if they don't believe in god is, as we all know, simply abusive. Most of the members of this site will agree on this. However, no one ever really states what should be done about this.

In a recent discussion with a friend I expressed my view that indoctrinating children is child abuse. To which the person I was conversing with responded:

"So, I have another question. If I am a child abuser for preaching heaven and hell to children, would you campaign politically to have people like me imprisoned?"

Personally, I do not think imprisonment is the answer to this. However, one can see the kind of trap this person is creating. If I say "No" then I am sure I will get asked "So, you don't think child abusers should be imprisoned?" And from here one can see the different places the conversation can head.

My question is that since we are claiming indoctrination of children as child abuse, what should be done about it? I think this is a very pressing question that very much deserves and needs an answer.

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