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Proof of Jesus outside the Bible?

Now, having been to an Alpha course I have heard this claim a lot - as I am sure have those of you who have also partaken in the same delight. I also heard this claim from an atheist friend of mine earlier today who, like the people at the Alpha course, failed to reference the source to me.

Now, I would like to know two things:

  1. Is there any proof outside the Bible for Jesus even existing? - I have often taken the position that he never existed, because I personally have never seen any evidence.

  2. If so, can I (finally) get a reference on that? - It seems to me that without referencing information, that information cannot be trusted.

Also, if you manage to hit points 1 and 2 for me: Is there any mention of the supposed miracles outside the Bible and can I get a reference if there is (though at this stage I am doubting it highly).



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