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The Atheist Rapture

Human suffering is fundamentally what motivates us. Our goal-orientated human existence is engaged in always attempting to create a better world, or our work today is for our enjoyment tommorrow.

Christians, Jews and Muslims believe that when they die, they will go to a place where human suffering is removed, while all the joys of life--like social ties and being happy--will remain. They will live in beautiful gardens or float among sublime clouds. They will wear fine robes of silk and live like kings.

Thus each believer works towards their own salvation, motivated by the simple human drive for a better life, even it if means an after life.

Atheists are driven by the same desires and passions, but they don't escape into an afterlife in order to live, instead they work for a better life in the here and now. This is not limited to purely material concerns, but also intellectual concerns, like knowledge, wisdom and art.

How can you escape your own suffering? You start by working your way out of it, by working towards the enjoyment of life. That is the atheist rapture. It is about waking up from the delusion and denial of your former life, and realising that all your former efforts working towards an afterlife were in vain. You weren't so concerned about your real life, or the real lives of others, you were too caught up in building your afterlife.

Atheism does not lead to nihilism, it is an escape from it. How can you value this life if it is only a transition to an afterlife? Unbelief in God is a belief in yourself, it is an affirmation of life, it embraces reality and works for the betterment of human existence.

And so if you choose atheism today, your life will change for the better. You will finally realise the real purpose of your life is to enjoy it and consequently help others to enjoy life. That is the atheist rapture.



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