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Look out! Camping's striking again.

Well, after the end of the world came and went without incident, many people have been wondering what Camping would say when his prediction, inevitably, failed to come true.

The answer? God's decided to spare us the 5 months of hell on earth up to October 21st and that's when the world will end.

One can't help wonder how he'll explain his way out of it next time round.

More seriously though (in my opinion) was his statement that he could not be offering financial advice to those who'd spent all their money following his prediction. In any other business situation, someone guilty of false advertising, selling a product that failed or conned people out of money whether being deliberately deceitful or not would be taken to the cleaners and have all manner of legal action taken against them.

What will be far more likely, however, is that the powers that be will tread 'respectfully' around this issue because it is a religious one, and furthermore, if they could successfully read Camping the riot act, would powerful Faith Healers etc be next in the firing line?

So, my question: Does anyone else here think something should be organised, perhaps a petition on Avaaz or similar to try and make Camping accouuntable to his actions? After all, it's not like a Faith Healer passing the blame claiming people didn't pray enough for their cures: Camping is clearly the one at fault here - he made the prediction, prayer was unnecessary, there is noe-one he can shift the blame to here. Or do people think it's a waste of time because the Church in the US is to powerful to allow the status quo to be upset? Or do people think that those people stupid enough to give away all their money and possessions have simply got what they deserve?


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