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Welcome to the 21st century!

Well you learn something new every day! Until this morning I had no idea that there is a country in the EU in which, thanks to the overweening presence of supernaturalists, divorce is currently banned. That's right, illegal... Even if you've both long been ready to bash each other to death with the frying pan, the state is going to make damn sure that, on paper at least, it really is till death you do part, and not a day sooner! Can God actually be fooled by simply enforcing a legal certificate anyway?! Apparently so!

So I think we should all offer our congratulations to the people of Malta who, in a referendum yesterday (May 28th) told both their Prime Minister and Catholic church to get stuffed, by voting overwhelmingly in favour of joining the 21st century and allowing couples to dissolve their marriages.

I'm rather surprised that Malta was allowed to join the EU in the first place with such a bullying and oppressively rigid divorce law. I mean, the EU issues all sorts of trivial directives (some of them tabloid myth, some factual) for member states to comply with, so perhaps they should be slightly more forthright about the rights and freedoms which really matter? Anyway, it's another historic milestone on the long road to European secularisation. Cheers!



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