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Why and when did homosexuality become such an issue?

A colleague at work (I sharen't refer to her as a friend) added me on Facebook. I really didn't want to accept but thought I may as well.

Anyhoo, she looked through my photos and found I had been best man at my friends' wedding - their civil partnership (they are both women).

She mentioned the next day she had looked at the photos and actually used the phrase "disgusting" when referring to them.

Needless to say I was a little annoyed and didn't really know how to respond. I mainly said if it was good enough for the Ancient Greeks it's good enough for us (I mean as a species, I'm not gay).

So that's my question really: if many species (giraffes, dolphins etc) partake in homosexual activity and even humans did as little as 3000 years ago, why is it such a problem now?

p.s. She's a Muslim innit.



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