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The atheistic critique of humanism has been all but forgotten.

New atheists duck the philosophical arguments of atheistic anti-humanism.
by Giles Fraser
The Guardian, Saturday 4 June 2011.
The World Atheist Convention is currently under way in Dublin. Among those addressing the conference is Richard Green from Atheism UK. His is a new and small group seeking to establish itself in the marketplace of ideas where the most familiar voices are those of the National Secular Society and the British Humanist Association. What is distinctive about Atheism UK, Green insists, is that it's an atheist organisation for all atheists, including those not committed to humanism. "We cater for atheists who are not humanists," he says.

These days, atheists who are not humanists are an unfamiliar breed. Most atheists, and in particular the new atheists, regard themselves as committed humanists. Indeed, they are new in name only for they appeal back to the atheistic humanism of the Enlightenment, with its optimism about human nature and strong belief in the power of human reason and the inevitability of progress. Here humanism and atheism formed an alliance against all that stands over and against human flourishing. God must be dead so that humanity can thrive. Once emancipated from religious tyranny and dogma, humanity will thrive. As Kant believed, humanity must be its own highest being and ultimate end.full article

My personal opinion is that Atheism is progressive and will continue to progress guided by science and reason. New Atheism is not a fashion show of intellectuals but a wonderful reality brought to us for the first time in a language that the ordinary people can understand and enjoy.



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