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Religion strikes again.

I live near a small village populated exclusively by chassidim of a particular sect. They have a rule in the village that residents MUST pray in the community synagogue.

There was a small group of people in this town that, for whatever reason, decided to form their own prayer group. There were harrassed for a while by the other residents. Then, one of these "renegades" decided to join a prayer group outside the village. A few weeks ago, one of the residents attempted to set fire to the man's house. In the process, the man was badly burned and is still in the hospital. The attacker was arrested and is being prosecuted for the attack.

This particular incident has started to "raise the consciouness" of some people around here. I don't know if anybody outside Rockland County New York has heard about this, but for us it is hard to understand. We usually think of this sort of thing happening in Muslim countries. We Jews like to see ourselves, even our right-wing orthodox, as somehow being above religious violence (at least towards our own). Maybe some good will come out of this if it helps people to start to think for themselves for a change. (I doubt it)



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