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Apistevist, noun: One Who Lacks Faith

I've been trying for some time to explain to people my actual objection to religion. Yes, dogma is a huge part of it--most religions are quite poisonous in my never-humble opinion--but that is not my true objection to religion; the issue I see starts even before that. What I find most objectionable in religion is the insistence that we believe it on faith, rather than having it proved to us with facts. That is where I truly part company with god-botherers. It's not what they believe, but rather why they believe it. I am against faith, against belief-without-evidence, and that is what all religions demand of us.

In trying to explain this to people, I've often wished for a simple word to use to explain this concept. An atheist is one who is not a theist, one who is not a believer; an agnostic is one who lacks knowledge; where is the term for one who lacks or denies faith? I believe I have coined such a term. The Greek word for faith is "pistis", or "pistevo" in verb form; I have begun calling myself an "apistevist", to describe myself as one who objects to faith...and I'm hoping to popularize the term.

Apistevist noun - one who lacks faith, especially of the religious variety

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