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There is no role more representative of hatefulness than that of the lobbyist for inequality

If The Westboro Baptists are extremists, they are considered as such because of their tactics, not for their interpretation of The Bible. When elements of the Ugandan government tried to advance a bill to jail or exterminate homosexuals, American evangelical Christians were there to support them, but again, although most Christians seemed not to support the measure, to the average Christian, it was the Ugandan government's tactics, not the Ugandan Government's prejudices against gender variant people, nor the prejudices of their lunatic-fringe of American evangelical supporters, which made the proposal seem evil.

Religion stood in the way of equality again recently, albeit it was moderate Christians who gathered in the name of inequality this time, in order to protest New York state's gay marriage bill. If passed, homosexual couples would enjoy the same benefits as heterosexuals couples in New York, including the right to marry and all its privileges, effectively eroding favoritism for religion. CBS News was on location:

"If this passes, we will become Sodom and Gomorrah," said 80-year-old Ginny Winn, of Delmar in Albany County.

Besides the audacity of protestors from hate groups such as Christianity throwing tantrums, the bill has another shameless problem: negotiations must first be made in order to grant religion exceptions from NY and federal anti-discrimination laws - otherwise, if the bill was passed, places of worship would be required to marry homosexual couples regardless of the bigotry against homosexuality assigned to various religious congregations by supposed scriptures. As the bill stands, If passed, congregations refusing to marry homosexual couples could be sued. Again, from CBS News:

Hundreds of protesters for and against gay marriage in New York chanted, sang and sought out TV cameras Monday while the state Senate again came to no resolution on the issue in a closed-door session that barely touched on the nationally divisive topic. Two Republican senators said the gay marriage issue that has sharply focused the efforts of opponents and advocates was only briefly discussed in the caucus. Instead, Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos is negotiating with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on religious exemptions that could be enough for Republican senators — most of whom oppose gay marriage — to send the issue to a floor where a bipartisan effort could pass it.

All this leaves me seriously doubting whether Jesus of The Bible really thought that everyone should be treated with love. The idea of Jesus being so noble seems to be a complement that Jesus wouldn't have deserved and it seems to be no more than a prevailing hallucination if we can take people protesting gay marriage bills in the name of Christianity as evidence, or trust the apostle Paul's word when he spoke against homosexuality. Decades after the death of Jesus, Paul supposedly wrote the book of Romans which in its first chapter concludes that gender variant people are worthy of death. Again in 1st Timothy we find the same senseless prejudice, and although nowadays it's usually argued that someone else wrote 1st Timothy in Paul's name (probably without Paul's knowledge or consent), Bibles still attribute 1st Timothy to Paul of Tarsus, just as Romans is attributed to Paul. Being that Christian hatred for homosexuality comes from ideology found in the New Testament books of Romans and 1st Timothy, I therefore reject the idea that Christianity is inherently a religion of moralists and I therefore reject the idea that Jesus was an egalitarian.

The continuing story of moderate Christianity leading the way for gay marriage bans in the United States reconfirms to me that Christianity is not about love, it is actually a 2000-year-old hate group in disguise. Why else would our anti-discrimination laws need to make exceptions for something truly representing understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and/or friendliness? It seems to me that Christianity purports to represent all of those lofty virtues, however - as Associated Press also recently reported - considerations need to be made to insure that religion is granted exceptions to anti-discrimination laws:

"There has been no decision - in fact that really was not the discussion - as to whether it will come out yet, who's voting for it, who's voting against it," Majority Leader Dean Skelos said immediately after Friday's two-hour conference. The Long Island Republican said senators for and against gay marriage want to make sure that if the bill gets a floor vote there won't be "unintended consequences to this legislation" - a reference to religious protections.

There is no role more representative of hatefulness than that of the lobbyist for inequality.



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