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Worlds Oceans on the brink of "unprecedented extinction"

State of the Oceans

A recent study suggests that our oceans are in more peril than previously thought. The official press release, although brief, speaks volumes. It claims that the rate at which carbon is being absorbed is far greater than the last great global extinction 55 million years ago, which combined with anoxia and over-fishing, is threatening dire consequences.

While the need for people to open their eyes to the impending catastrophe is obvious, I for one am somewhat pessimistic. When I am in the minority of people locally who believe climate change is a genuine risk, I find it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. Any attempt to discuss the issue is either ignored or responded to with something along the lines of "Whatever happens is Gods plan". This is obviously a dangerous point of view, and nobody will even consider saying that "Gods plan sucks".

I'd like to get the opinions of people here; can environmentalists succeed in their ambition of reversing, or at least slowing, the damage being done by Humans? Is an Easter Island repeat, but on a global scale, possible?



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