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SETI Allen Array not quite dead! It's getting better!

The Allen Telescope Array (ATA), due to lack of funds of a mere £1.5 million, was scheduled to be mothballed. A previous thread discussed it:

However, the scientists in charge of this project are not giving up without a fight. They have set a fundraising target of $200,000 and are calling on people around the world to help save this project. At the time of this writing they have raised 20% of the target donations. The website following contains all the details on the project as well as a donation page where you may give any amount you wish.

Through the Kepler spacecraft new planets are being discovered, further refining our measurements and allowing estimates of planets numbering in the billions in the Milky Way galaxy alone. If ever there was a time when a dedicated search for extraterrestrial signals was called for, it is now, when the wealth of a habitable (if not inhabited) universe is just becoming apparent.

Life searches for life, and through the vast spaces between worlds may be passing the call of life that seeks a voice, any voice, ours, amidst the silence. Do we turn a deaf ear to it, and let it pass us by? In this act, do we not deny ourselves an end to the loneliness of a single species on a terraqueous marble against the backdrop of eternity? With the ATA the voice of putative intelligent life may be teased from the light of the stars. But only if we listen.



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