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I have got a question: Why is Professor Dawkins so opposed to the topic of epigenetics? For example he tells the reader in The Greatest Show on Earth in chapter 8 in a footprint, that it is quite a fashionable and unimportant field in biology, but I do not understand why he thinks so.....for example, in Germany, the country which I come from, there was a book published, called The Cooperative Gene (Das kooperative Gen) by a biologist Professor Bauer from the university of Freiburg, which argued, that epigenetics show, that the selfish-gene-theory is not true, and i think, that the book The Selfish Gene did the same....I do not want to attack Professor Dawkins and want to add that his books are inspiring works, that made me become interested in the fields in biology and are even a reason why I want to study biology, but I do not understand the relationship between epigenetics and the selfish-gene-theory...does somebody know more about it? Maybe even Professor Dawkins himself could answer it, although I know, that there are more important things to to for him than answering this question ;) And sorry for my bad English.....


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