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Two days ago the discussion "Hitchslap in the oxford dictionary" was posted here by GRAHAMHYPER. His idea of getting the word "hitchslap" into the English language for good is worthy of support. The struggle we atheists face trying to get by has been made so much more enjoyable thanks to the hitchslap. So before GRAHAMHYPER's idea dissapears in the catacombs of RDF discussions forever, I suggest a useful expenditure of our free time this weekend for the following:

Let's try to come up with a Top Ten of Hitchslaps!

For anyone who hasn't started to thoroughly comb through the original hitch material, it'll keep them busy till after Christmas. So I suggest reserving only the Top 5 to the ultimate hitcharian material. The remaining places we could give to hitchslaps by others, to as it were pay tribute to the phenomenon of what constitutes a remarkable hitchslap!

Of course, no one can do it like the hitch. But there must at least be some laudable attempts! As I am about to start my weekend of fun, immediately names like Bertrand Russell, Wafa Sultan, PZMyers and of course Richard Dawkins spring to mind.

Can you think of memorable hitchslap moments? Maybe from debaters that most of us haven't heard of? If you find good examples, please post them with the exact quotes or video/ audio times. Off the top of my head and to start things off, here a first entry: (minutes 9:10-09:47)

Looking forward to your entries, debonnesnouvelles


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