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Gay and African

This is an article about the current situation in Ghana. What is most repellent are the comments on this article, they are the equal (or worse) of the comments made about atheists by so called christians in the USA.

War on Homosexuals in Ghana
By Abdul Musah Sidibe

The Ghanaian government has declared a war on gays, lesbians and transexual in Ghana. The hidden but very small LGBT community in Ghana is now under threat from Ghanaian officials whose duty and responsibility is it to protect and preserve the rights of every citizen.

“All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society,” Paul Evans Aidoo, Ghana’s Western Regional Minister said in a statement referring to the homosexual community in Ghana. The minister asked landlords and residence of western region to report anyone deem homosexual to the police for arrest.

The rage on the homosexual community is not just from officialdom. Both Christian and Muslim communities in Ghana have both issue statement condemning homosexuals and calling on the state to crack down on them. “If homosexuality is tolerated, very soon the human race will be extinct,” Reverend Stephen Wengan, a religious leader, said in an op-ed he wrote for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation....



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