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Harvard study: education increases religious attendance

Christians are hijacking a 2001 study done by the Harvard Institute of Economic Research, which shows (to my amazement, bafflement and surprise) that religious attendance rises greatly the more an individual is educated. What the Christians fail to include in their claim is that the study concludes that this rise in religious attendance is caused almost solely by the fact that education also raises every kind of social connection and that religion is a form of social interaction. The study also finds that despite the fact that education increases religious attendance, that education also decreases religious belief.

What a weird set of findings. I don't know what to really make of such weird findings. Anyway, Christians are hijacking this study and claiming that this proves that the smarter someone becomes, the more he/she believes in god and therefore the more intellectually stable position to take is belief in god. How do I know this? My mother was the one who mentioned it to me. Where did she hear this claim? Get ready....... FOX NEWS! Go figure. Anyway, for a bit of comic relief, I will also add that when I told her that this is not true among the elite scientists, she claimed that the elite scientists must therefore not be well-educated and therefore evolution is false, Big Bang is false, global warming is false, etc. Hmmm.... but weren't the people who conducted this exact study elite HARVARD scientists? I therefore submit that my description of what Christians are doing with this article is exact: they are hijacking it.

Anyway, here is a link to the paper so you can read it yourself.

Anyone have any ideas of what to make of this bizarre finding?





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