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William Lane Craig - for children

I thought I'd share this newsletter I received from WLC

Dear Friends of Reasonable Faith,

This past month has been a productive one for me. Besides continuing to write on divine aseity, I've taken on a couple of other very exciting projects which I want to tell you about.

First, I'm sure you're all aware of the dearth of apologetics material for children. There just isn't anything out there that I know of for helping pre-teens learn the rational grounds for their faith or how to defend their faith when confronted by their unbelieving friends. Well, that situation is about to change! Joseph Tang is a Sunday school teacher in Australia of eight to ten year old children. He recently contacted me about his adaptation of my material for the children he teaches. Joseph has worksheets which he has written for lessons on the cosmological argument, the design argument, the moral argument, even the ontological argument (yes, for eight to ten year olds!), the Trinity and incarnation, the resurrection of Jesus, and so on. The children fill in the blanks on the appropriate worksheet as he teaches the lesson. He sent me a stack of the worksheets which the children had completed in their childish handwriting, and they were so precious to read! At the end of the lesson, he asks the children to indicate the percent of the lesson they had understood, and I was amazed to see that the children had indicated ">80%" and ">90%" for the lesson on ontological argument!

So we've decided to rework the material Joseph has developed and publish it in the form of a children's workbook and an accompanying teacher's handbook with all the answers, along with tips on how to teach this material. We plan to call it Apologetics for Children (though, frankly, I think that if adults could swallow their pride, you could use these worksheets to teach apologetics to laypeople!) Because Joseph's worksheets are on A-4 paper, which is longer than standard U.S. paper, we have considerable re-formatting to do. But we'll let you know when this pioneering, new material for children is ready!

The second project also has tremendous potential for impact. A volunteer contacted us who enjoys our Defenders podcast of my adult Sunday school class on Christian Doctrine and Apologetics so much that he has decided to transcribe all the lectures, along with the class discussion! He has already finished transcribing about half the podcasts with time indicators in the text indicating which section of the podcast it is, so that people can listen and read along at the same time if they like.

I'm now slowly going through the lectures, ironing out the inevitable infelicities and adding references to sources quoted. We plan to make these available on the website and eventually assemble the whole package into a book which will survey the body of Christian doctrine along with apologetics. Having this under one cover will make these lessons a tremendous tool for Sunday school teachers everywhere. Again, this is going to take some time, but I wanted you to know that this valuable resource is already in the works!

I've got some trips coming up this month which I'll tell you about in our next letter. Please keep us in your prayers!

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Bill & Jan