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Adoption and religion (UK)

I and my wife are going through the lengthy, complex and occasionally painful process of being approved for adoption; and a few aspects of the whole thing are really galling me.

It appears, from what a social worker told me, that the birth parents, whatever their failings, have the inalienable right to require that the child be adopted only by parents of their choice of religion, and the child raised in that particular faith. We see the profile of children awaiting adoption, and in about one case out of five, the standard formula for the adopters having to "reflect the child's cultural and ethnic background" has the "religious" bit added to it.

There are 2-year-old children who must be raised as Muslims because their father is listed by their Irish mother as "unknown, presumably Iraqi (Muslim)" and so they are deemed to be genetically Muslim. There are children who are 1 year old but are, according to their substance-abusing mother, Catholic and so they cannot go to a couple of heathens like us.

Honestly, the whole adoption process is beginning to feel like a huge, unending WTF moment to me. I joked with the social worker that I'm ok with that but I'd also like to make sure the child is a Socialist, a Social Democrat, or at worst a Fabian, and I cannot in any way raise a Tory child, and I was rebuked by the otherwise very nice and kind social worker because, you see, "these are serious matters". I mean, really?



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