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It's much better to let a Somalian die

Remember Adnan Rasheed and Hamza Tzortzis who ambushed Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers at the atheist convention in Ireland?

They work for IERA (Islamic education & research association) - IERA had a fundraising event on Ramadan TV on the 12th of August to try to fund the creation of more of their booklet "The man in the red underpants" so that they can turn more people into Muslims.

At one point in the show the host was actually telling people that they had a choice between feeding a Somalian to save their life, or donating to IERA to fund people in places like the UK to become Muslims. He then went only to explain how a Somalian's body is merely "wet clay" and how much better it would be to guide a non-believer to the true path and to save their eternal soul instead.

People often say that you need god to be good, but when you weigh a finite factor (life) against an eternal factor (the soul) we quickly see that people are not being good, despite god.

Anyway, IERA thought it was okay to ambush people at an atheist convention so I thought it was only fair that I ambushed them at their fundraising TV programme. After posing as a semi-literate potential convert on their facebook page I was eventually invited to phone in and talk to the hosts. Hamza was in Norway at the time, but I did get to speak to Adnan.

Here is a recording of the event for those of you who are interested. I thought the irony of using Pascal's Wager against them would be a nice bit of icing on the cake :)



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