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Protest the Pope Part 2: "The Return of the Secularists"

Last September in London over 10,000 people turned out to march against the Pope's visit to the UK - the biggest protest ever seen against the policies of the Holy See.

One year on and the Secular Europe Campaign are organising a follow up rally in London on 17 September to maintain pressure on the Vatican and bring an end to the influence the Roman Catholic Church holds over institutions and governments throughout Europe.

Use the following links to find out more, get on the mailing list, subscribe to the You Tube channel for exclusive videos to be released daily from now until the march (including one from some bloke called Dawkins) and join the Facebook group.

It's vital to get as many people on the march as possible and, given the budget for publicity is close to zero, vital we all do our bit spreading the word through our social networks, tweets, blogs etc.

See you there. If you're drunk enough, I'm the one who looks like Brad Pitt.

British Humanist Association Press Release

Secular Europe Campaign Homepage

Secular Europe Campaign You Tube Channel

Secular Europe Campaign Facebook Page



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