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Support petition stop state schools using religion to discriminate against children

In the UK, if a state-funded school is affiliated with a church, the school has the right to give priority to children whose parents attend that church when awarding places at the school.

Where I live, the ONLY state primary school is C of E (Church of England) affiliated and, as such, children whose parents go to the local church get priority over my children when places are allocated. How is that right in any way shape or form?

No matter what your feelings are on religion, this can only be seen as an unfair system and nothing short of discrimination. Surely statistically, the majority of parents do not attend the church or are even religious, yet the school still has the right to discriminate against the majority of children because of a traditional relationship with the church.

Because of this I have started an e-petition to call on the Government to ban the practice and stop these schools discriminating against children. It needs to get 100,000 signatures for the government to take it seriously.

Please sign it.

Thanks in advance


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