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Protest the Pope Part 3: German authorities prohibit protests

As reported by German newsweekly Der Spiegel here (in German) Resistance is forming against the September 22-25 papal visit to Germany, however, authorities are interfering. The authorities in Berlin are prohibiting a protest action for alleged security reasons. The authorities in Freiburg and Erfurt also have not granted the applications for protests and info-stands.

The Italian daily La Stampa in its English edition of Vatican Insider discusses the protests in this article: "Germany, the Mayor of Berlin Sympathetic to the Antipapists"

The website Der Papst kommt! (the pope is coming) is the home for a coalition of now 59 and growing, organizations united in criticism of the pope. It is the nerve center for organizing the upcoming protest which expects 15.000 to 20.000 demonstrators to protest during the pope's speech to the Bundestag (Lower House of German Parliament)

The coalition's website is currently only available in German with only their manifesto translated into Polish, Turkish and Spanish. I'm not affiliated with them but am offering to at least translate the manifesto into English. Perhaps some of you might consider offering to do the same for some of the other pages.

They also have a page where prominent members of the public can voice their support. Perhaps a prominent member of the Anglo-American anti-theist community might consider posting there with a bit of moral support.


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