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Thank God

"The sole survivor of a plane crash in Bolivia stayed alive for nearly three days by eating insects, drinking his own urine and painting an arrow on the ground with his blood to show rescuers his location."

This story in the Guardian tells how Minor Vidal survived using skills he had learned as a boy scout. The other eight people on the plane died, and Vidal himself suffered serious head and rib injuries. He was eventually rescued by a military unit led by Naval Captain David Bustos, after they spotted the arrow Vidal had painted using his own blood.

And when he was eventually found, did he thank Captain Bustos and the rescue team? Did he thank the boy scout teachers who had taught him vital survival skills? We aren't told. But what we are told is that he knelt down and thanked God. God who, he presumably must have believed, allowed the plane crash to happen in the first place and allowed his eight fellow passengers to die. He knelt down and thanked God. And billions of people, all around the world, will think that was a perfectly natural thing to do. They would have done the same. Does religion manufacture fools, or do fools gravitate towards religion?




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