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If the Mother Teresa Cancer miracle were true

On 5th September 1998, it was advertised to credulous world (fairly credulous) that a photograph of Mother Teresa beamed light at a woman who had a cancerous tumor. The cancer vanished overnight. Since then I have been thinking about the following questions:-

1) Is the beaming of light without any energy source a greater miracle than the curing of cancer ?

2) What revisions will be required to sciences like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc in the light of the "Light-Beaming Photo".

The following are my conclusions:-

The beaming of light without any energy source is the bigger miracle because it frees us once and for all from the tyranny of the Law of Conservation of Energy & Mass. It obviously signals an end to all the shortages we have ever encountered. The energy source animating the photo was obviously entirely pollution-free and also costless, requiring as input only some prayers from sundry nuns. Obviously His Holiness Pope Ratzinger will arrange such prayers officiously whenever he is at leisure from protecting his child-abusing flock.

The changes required to Mathematics would be the most fundamental. The basic ideas of equalities and inequalities is based on The Law of Conservation of Energy & Mass. The basic tenets on which equations are solved are :-

if LHS = RHS
then LHS + x= RHS +x

These equations only hold because of the Law of Energy & Mass. This Law has now been superseded by the Teresa Miracle in which

Photo=Photo + Light

which clearly means that LHS is not equal to RHS.

So clearly Algebra would have to be drastically revised. Better still, it would also put that infidel Al Khwarizmi, after the title of whose book Algebra is named, in his place.

Hoping that His Holiness Ratzinger will take the initiative and Catholic Schools take the lead in introducing the new Mathematics. Hallelujah.





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