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Comedy as a legitimate way to spread the theory of evolution?

I recently stumbled upon something which I like to call "Atheist Comedy". Some comedians decided to include punchlines against creationism and religion in general. Tim Minchin, especially, impressed me with his intelligent and humorous criticism of religious dogma.

I think that carrying the idea of creationism to extremes - which is the way most comedy works - holds the potential to trigger further debates about the topic. Yet still I'm worried about two problems I see occurring with the use of comedy. They both emerge from the necessity of breaking down a complex scientific theory to a handful of facts in order to not bore an audience to death that is just expecting to laugh a little and go home again.

The first problem is that this handful of facts is necessarily incomplete and therefore creating a wrong image of evolution. This leads to the second problem: it's a gold mine for creationist misquotation and provides them with an image of evolution that can easily be disproven due to the fact that it's either incomplete or incorrect.

What do you think about comedy as a way to spread the theory of evolution?

-- A little link to get an idea of "Atheist Comedy" (and hopefully make you laugh a bit) --


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