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Naturally offensive

A friend of ours from the West Midlands/England had to take her baby (only a few weeks old) to the accident and emergency department at the hospital a few days ago because of a suspicious rash.

During their wait she needed to breastfeed her baby. As she did so a member of staff approached her and asked if she would like access to a private room. She politely declined as she had her other child with her, whom she wanted to keep an eye on. Then another member of staff approached her and told her they "needed to respect other religions" and so she relented even though there were only a couple of other people in the waiting room, as she did not want to make a scene.

This is a hospital, the very place where new mothers are told "breast is best" and are encouraged to breast feed their babies instead of bottle feeding them, and yet they are expected to hide away to feed their baby because people who are offended by nature are for some reason incapable of averting their eyes.



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