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BBC Asia Network discussion on Islam and evolution

This BBC Asia Network broadcast was pretty interesting: it discussed the issue of Muslim students in London walking out of biology lectures on evolution.

Adnan Rashid from The Hittin Institute (aka Adnan Rashid from iERA) is the guest throughout the show. His position seems to be that people should attend lectures on evolution, on condition that it is not being taught as the truth and there is room for discussion of intelligent design. He also claims that biologists have an agenda to turn religious people into atheists.

The caller telling us that the Big Bang is mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago is cringe-makingly bad. Then she goes on to talk about how humans don't share a common ancestor with apes but have changed, in that they have become shorter over time (you guessed it, because her religion tells her that people in the past were many metres tall).

Usama Hassan, the imam who received death threats for claiming the Quran is compatible with evolution is also on the show. I was pleased that he corrected the host on his claim that "humans came from monkeys".

My favourite part was probably the guy who phoned in to say that science cannot prove science, and this has been scientifically proven - he must have been a poe!

I must say, the host Nihal was really very good in challenging the unfounded claims for scientific support for intelligent design from one caller.

If you are unable to listen on iPlayer here is a link someone sent to me of a cut-down MP3 of the show.

PS: I am on at about 45 minutes. I didn't actually know what the show was about when I called in. Someone told me that Adnan was on the BBC Asia Network talking about evolution, so I called in and tried to get the gist of the show by listening to the 2 or 3 callers queued before me. That's my excuse for random babbling :)



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