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Atheist group raises over $150,000 for Doctors Without Borders

One of the largest groups of atheists online (r/atheism) recently launched their 2nd annual Good without God charity drive for Doctors Without Borders. Last year over $50,000 (inc UK donations) was raised and it seems that this year we are set to blow this figure out of the water. A massive and spontaneous drive over the weekend (most especially on Sunday night) has pushed our total over $150,000 with single donations ranging from less than a dollar to over $10,000.

Since the RDFRS broadly supports the goals of Médecins Sans Frontières and set up and is a keen promoter of Non-Believers Giving Aid, it stands to reason that members here would be interested in hearing of our success so far (it's still going!). Thank you to any of you who also happen to be members of r/atheism (which is quite a few of you) and making this the success it is.


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